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COVID updates Pt.2

Hello Screamin Eagles fans,

As of last week the team and the rest of the RBLL California 2020 season is on a temporary hold due to recent COVID-19 restrictions from the Governor's office as well as local health officials. We are taking this extra time prior to our season starting to focus on getting additional practice time together and building the bond we have as a team with our newly added players.

Current plans have us awaiting updates come early August for a safe return to play that ensures the continued health and safety of all league players and game day staff. As we continue to work towards these plans we will keep you all posted via our social media channels on when we return to game play.

Once game's are scheduled we will also announce how you all can engage and participate in game day activities via live stream as we will not be hosting in person fans for this summer season.

I hope you all stay healthy and safe during these times and please remember to wear a mask when in public.

Thank you,

Jeff Gordon

General Manager

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